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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Greenspeed Intelligence is a special kind of IQ included in Carrier's Infinity 98 furnace. Because heating accounts for more than 25 percent of the average home's energy consumption, you want the smartest heating system you can install. While the standard for "dumb" furnaces and A/C units typically includes on/off blowers and single output burners, those inefficient systems are increasingly a thing of the past. Now, microprocessors and programmable components make those old-school units seem out of touch with the energy efficiency and comfort expectations of today.

Adjustable Efficiency

The Greenspeed Intelligence system in Carrier furnaces constantly keeps track of the heating requirements of the home and regulates the output of the unit to meet those demands in the most energy-efficient way. When full furnace output is required to warm a chilly home, burner output increases proportionally.

Once the house is heated and less fuel is required to meet the thermostat setting, the system automatically decreases output to reduce operating costs. The system will remain in lower output mode, consuming only 40 percent of the energy as high output mode for as long as possible to maintain the temperature to within one degree of the thermostat setting.

Variable Circulation

One-speed blowers operate in either 100-percent output or zero percent. These are not ideal specs for either comfort or efficiency. Full output from these conventional electric blowers uses a lot of power heating and cooling rooms rapidly, often sending the temperature significantly higher than the thermostat setting. When the system cycles off, all air circulation stops and the temperature swings abruptly to the opposite extreme.

Blowers incorporated in Carrier's Greenspeed Intelligence utilize electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology that uses up to 75 percent less power than a conventional motor. Programmed to run almost constantly across a range of variable speeds, these units keep room temperatures consistent without drastic spikes and sags. They also produce better indoor air quality due to continuous circulation and filtration.

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