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Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's not fun being trapped in the dark and cold during a power outage, especially when you don't know how long the outage will last. Take steps now to prepare for a potentially harsh winter by purchasing a standby generator, and gain peace of mind through any conditions.

Though you're familiar with the smaller, gas-powered generators, there are also whole-house natural gas or propane-fueled generators. Both the smaller, portable generators and the larger, permanent generators have pros and cons that need evaluation before purchase.

Small, Portable Generators

While the smaller generators cost less if you're in an area prone to outages, they have disadvantages. Portable generators only power a few electrical items at a time, and they can't run indoors because they use gas and release carbon monoxide. Install battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they're working properly at all times. If you only want a standby generator to power a few things for a short period, the portable option can work well for you.

Permanent Generators

Permanent standby generators are able to flip the power back on mere moments after an area outage. The generators are installed outside permanently, use your existing fuel source -- either natural gas or propane -- and are on standby around the clock.

They monitor incoming utility voltage and when the power goes out, a transfer switch shuts off the utility line access and connects the power line from the generator. For safety reasons, have a professional install, inspect and maintain your home's permanent standby generator.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

There are several things to consider before purchasing a standby generator. These include how many electrical items needed during a power outage, how cold the winters are, if you're on a well with a pump, and your budget. The colder the climate, the more you'll want a generator to power your furnace, keep food safe, and prevent pipes from freezing.

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