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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A standard manual or digital thermostat performs the basic function of maintaining heating and cooling temperatures to one setting. However, standard models offer no enhanced functionality to promote energy-saving efforts, comfort or convenience to suit your lifestyle. Learn how upgrading a thermostat to a programmable model is an important, yet simple step for maximizing home efficiency and comfort in your Chicagoland home.

Tips for Upgrading a Thermostat

By upgrading to a programmable thermostat, you can program preset temperature changes to automatically take effect when you wake in the morning, leave for work, arrive home and go to bed at night. This relieves you of remembering to adjust the thermostat manually so you may enjoy consistent energy savings and carefree comfort.

There are three criteria to keep in mind when upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

  • HVAC compatibility: Read the packaging so you're sure to select a thermostat compatible with all of your HVAC systems, such as the A/C, zoning system and whole-home humidifier. If you're upgrading comfort systems, work with a knowledgeable HVAC professional to select the best thermostat for your new equipment.
  • Programming type: Select a thermostat that offers enough preset programs to match your weekly schedule. Think about the times the household is unoccupied with members away at work, school or other regularly-scheduled activities. Do you have a conventional 5-day work week? You may be happy with a thermostat that offers 5-2 programming, with one preset program for the work week and one preset program for the weekend. If your hours away from home change from time to time, you may prefer a thermostat that offers the most flexibility with 7-day programming.
  • Features: Select thermostat features that make it simple for you to use. Large touch-screen displays offer easy programming and navigation. Keypad lockout prevents unauthorized users from changing settings. More sophisticated WiFi programmable thermostats give you remote access from an online computer or smartphone app. Some thermostats even "learn" your setting habits and adjust automatically.

For more details or assistance upgrading a thermostat, please contact a professional near your Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana or Southwest Michigan home.

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