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Sunday, September 28, 2014

There are many situations which may prompt you to seek warranty information about HVAC equipment and systems. Whether you're concerned about the status of your current warranty and system, or you’re comparing information about a new installation or replacement HVAC system, here’s what you should know to prevent voiding an HVAC warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty

In general, manufacturer warranties for heating and cooling systems are similar. They typically cover the functionality of HVAC system parts, but they do not cover the cost of labor. This stands to reason since the manufacturer has no control of the quality of installation. Here are basic requirements and policies of standard warranties:

  • System registration: Find out if the manufacturer of your HVAC system requires that you register your new equipment. There may be a pre-printed questionnaire to mail in, or you may be able to save some time and register your equipment online.
  • Replacement parts: Manufacturers typically only guarantee their own replacement parts. If your system needs to be repaired and you choose an off-brand replacement part, it's possible the warranty is voided.
  • Service requirements: Annual preventive maintenance by a certified HVAC technician is important to ensure your heating and cooling systems run efficiently, safely and head off potential problems before they cost real dollars. Also, an annual system tune-up may be necessary to prevent voiding an HVAC warranty due to system neglect.
  • Installation: Manufacturers typically require their HVAC systems be installed by a reputable HVAC contractor who is legally licensed, bonded and insured. These requirements should top your list of prospective contractors, too.

Beyond the Warranty: Service Guarantees

Warranty requirements may be similar from one manufacturer to the next, but craftsmanship guarantees for installation, labor and 100-percent satisfaction policies generally aren't the same between HVAC contractors. Work with a factory authorized contractor who guarantees their work in writing and clearly answers all your questions.

For a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, contact to locate a certified factory authorized dealer near your Chicago area home. We work closely with you so you don't have to worry about voiding an HVAC warranty.

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