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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When most people think about their air conditioner, they think about the cool air that comes out of the vents. However, one of the biggest factors in HVAC efficiency is where that air ultimately goes. In order to cool a home effectively, air must be kept inside the home. In buildings with poor windows, air escapes quickly, causing cooling expenses to literally go out the window. This is why new windows are a critical part of air conditioner efficiency.

The Effectiveness of Low-E Storm Windows

While any new window is an upgrade, the most dramatic results come with low-emissivity windows. Commonly called low-e storm windows, these unique options are specially designed for energy efficiency.

  • Reflective coating: Although the specific coating varies, all low-e storm windows have a thin but powerful metal coating. This coating is virtually invisible, but it provides an important reflective barrier that directs energy into the home.
  • Versatile installation: Because these are storm windows, they can be installed inside or outside an existing window. They can also be used to replace an entire window unit. These variations allow customers to pick an option that suits their home and their budget.
  • Ultimate efficiency: Despite the range of options, the outcome is always the same. With the reflective coating, these windows consistently lead to reduced cooling expenses, which are often seen immediately on monthly utility bills. The savings only grows with time.

Keeping Cooling Expenses In Check

Upgrading windows has other effects on air conditioner efficiency. Not only does a new window keep air inside effectively, but this improvement can positively impact the long term health of any HVAC system. With better windows, an air conditioner will not have to work as hard, which will minimize the amount of repair needed. This can continually decrease the long range costs of any HVAC system.

To learn more about how to improve your air conditioner efficiency or any other HVAC needs, be sure to contact Comfort24-7 for more information.

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