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Sunday, August 31, 2014

In an effort to improve comfort levels in your home while cutting costs, you may be evaluating which strategies provide the best results. Ceiling fans are excellent for complementing the work done by your cooling system, allowing you to raise your thermostat settings up to 4 degrees without a change in the perceived comfort level in your residence. Each degree you can raise your thermostat translates to up to 1 percent of possible savings on your energy bill when that adjustment is consistently maintained for an eight-hour period. It is important to note that your ceiling fan simply circulates air. It does not cool the air. However, the evaporative effect that you feel as the air moves provides the sensation of the space being cooler.

Additional AC Efficiency Strategies

Because of the impact of environmental factors on your home's comfort levels, it is important to keep these issues in mind if you want to improve air conditioning performance and lower your cooling costs. Additionally, precise management of your air conditioning equipment can make a difference in efficiency levels. The following measures should be given serious consideration as you determine which steps you will take to lower your energy usage:

  • Window treatments - you can reduce heat gain by installing treatments or features inside or outside. You may want to choose a solar screen for a south-facing window, a step that could cut heat gain in the location by up to 80 percent. You can install white-backed curtains or blinds to reduce heat gain by approximately 30 percent at the windows.
  • Regular filter maintenance - your air filter can reduce your AC efficiency by between 5 and 15 percent when it gets dirty, making frequent checks and changes a priority.
  • Air sealing and attic insulation - reduce energy loss by up to 10 percent through these improvements.
  • Thermostat management - implement ENERGY STAR setting recommendations to limit wasted energy as your air conditioner operates.

Improve Air Conditioning Performance with Regular Tune-Ups

With preventive air conditioning maintenance performed by a Comfort24-7 contractor, you can offset annual efficiency losses through cleaning and part adjustments. This may also provide you with the opportunity to save on repair services and equipment upgrades when the need arises. We can provide a referral for a contractor serving your neighborhood today.

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