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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Your condenser unit's location may create some concerns about yard maintenance as you work outside. This is especially true if your lawn borders the equipment.

If you are worried about operating a lawn mower or other yard equipment near the unit, it's wise to consider alternatives.

Cutting Grass Near Your AC Unit

Your mower may not be able to reach the grass closest to the condenser unit. However, it may handle most of the nearby grass and weeds. As long as you are not crossing over any of the unit's connections, you can mow in the area. You may also want to operate your weed eating equipment close to the unit to clear foliage, but avoid contacting the condenser with the line. It is important to keep your condenser free of excess debris, including grass and other vegetation. Be sensible, realizing that damaging your lines could create unexpected repair problems.

Cleaning Your Condenser

You should clean your condenser unit a couple of times during the summer, especially if your yard has a lot of windblown debris or if you operate your air conditioner a lot. Make sure that the system is off so that you can brush away any debris caught in the exterior cover of the unit. Take time to spray out the coils as well, using gentle pressure to avoid damage.

Comfort24-7 can provide you with contractor choices in your community so that you can tap into professional services for important system maintenance. Although there are some DIY maintenance efforts to take on your own, working with one of our expert contractors is important for keeping your equipment in top operating condition.

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