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Friday, July 25, 2014

If you are concerned with your indoor comfort levels or energy costs, it is important to consider making proper AC care a priority. If you ignore your equipment, it's easy to watch those energy bills creep up. Additionally, you may not enjoy the maximum comfort possible if your system isn't properly serviced. Professional AC maintenance should be completed at least once per year to ensure that your equipment is running properly.

What Does Professional AC Maintenance Include?

Your preventative maintenance visit should include a thorough inspection of all components of your system. Cleaning of coils, moving parts and drain equipment is completed to ensure airflow is optimized and that energy exchange is enhanced. Refrigerant levels are tested, and lines are checked for leaks. Electronic components are tested as well. Your technician may offer recommendations for fixing parts that appear to be worn or on the verge of failure.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Efficiency of a mechanical system can decline as it ages, especially as it is used extensively. Ignoring your equipment for years on end may result in extreme operational deficiencies. Your indoor and outdoor coils, for example, can result in a 30-percent increase in energy usage when they aren't cleaned regularly. Low refrigerant can add to your usage, as well. This can also place stress on other air conditioner components like your compressor. If a leak isn't repaired, you could allow costly damage to occur.

Professional AC maintenance can cut costs as these areas of excess energy usage are addressed. Annual service can also enhance the life of your air conditioner. Although a maintenance visit won't eliminate all potential problems, you may experience a decline in air conditioning repair situations.

Find an Expert in Your Community

Our Comfort24-7 contractors are prepared to provide expert service and suggestions as they address your system needs. They also offer around-the-clock service when emergencies occur.

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