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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ask any HVAC contractor whether air conditioning maintenance improves cooling efficiency and you'll get an affirmative answer every single time. The value of AC maintenance cannot be overstated. Air conditioners are like automobiles; without scheduled service they die an early death. But, before they die, they will operate inefficiently, deliver less indoor comfort, cost you a bundle in AC repairs and take utility bills to new heights.

It’s All About Reducing Cooling Costs

There are two parts to maintaining an air conditioner; what you do yourself and what a HVAC professional does. AC maintenance should be performed by a qualified technician every spring, just prior to the warm weather. Every aspect of AC maintenance affects the health and performance of your system. The healthier your air conditioner is the less energy it will use and the lower your utility bills will be.

DIY AC Maintenance

Homeowners should change or clean air filters every month. It’s also important to keep the area around the outdoor unit clear of foliage and debris. Dirty air filters and obstructions near the outdoor unit block the flow or air within the system. This can increase utility bills and destroy the AC motor.

Professional AC Maintenance

A professional HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect and clean your entire AC system. According to the government's Energy Star website, AC maintenance service should include all of the following:

  • Tighten and check electrical connections
  • Inspect refrigerant level and check for leaks
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check condensate drain for plugs
  • Verify the accuracy of thermostat settings
  • Check controls for proper operation
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check for and correct airflow problems

 Looking for professional HVAC maintenance and other ways to cut cooling costs in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan? Comfort24-7 contractors offer affordable AC tune-ups specially designed to promote optimal air conditioning efficiency.

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