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Friday, June 20, 2014

Air conditioning replacement is an issue that many homeowners dread because of the costs associated with new equipment. However, there are many benefits to consider in upgrading to a modern system early.

Life Expectancy of Your Air Conditioner

The typical life of service for an AC unit is approximately 14 years. This can vary based on many factors. For example, a system that is neglected can experience a pronounced decline in a much shorter period. A system that is well-maintained may offer more than 14 years of quality service. Some homeowners limit their AC operation to just a short period each year, enjoying a much longer lifespan from their equipment. Others rely on heavy air conditioning activity throughout the cooling season, resulting in greater wear and tear. Your usage patterns will make a definite impact on your need for air conditioning replacement.

Loss of AC Performance

Poor performance is a significant cue that a replacement may be imminent. However, don't jump to conclusions without a professional evaluation of your system. If you haven't maintained your system regularly, your performance issue may be resolved with a simple tune-up. An air conditioner can lose approximately 5 percent of its efficiency on a yearly basis, and if you've never scheduled a tune-up, your performance problems could be the result of many years of efficiency loss.

Major Malfunctions

If your compressor fails, the most appropriate solution is a new system. Additionally, a refrigerant problem in an outdated system can be an expensive repair because of the R-22 phaseout, an issue leading to higher Freon costs and limited availability of the material.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Equipment

If your existing unit is more than 10 years old, you can expect even the most economical new systems to be more efficient than your older unit. In many cases, the cost of an upgrade can be recovered over a few years of operating energy efficient air conditioning components. A Comfort24-7 provider can complete an evaluation of your home's structural features and your household usage patterns to identify the right system size and to find a unit that will best address your family's needs. We can connect you with an expert in your community who can assist you with an estimate or answer your questions.

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