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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A thermostat may not seem like a significant concern when you are evaluating ways to trim your energy bills. However, an increase or reduction of just one degree in your settings can represent approximately 1 percent of your heating or cooling costs when that change remains steady for at least 8 hours.

Using an advanced thermostat design as part of your home comfort system can enable you to realize major savings over the course of the year.

Recommended Temperature Settings

ENERGY STAR makes recommendations for household setpoints and changes throughout the day to achieve better energy performance from your heating and cooling equipment. Changes and adjustments are as follows:

  • Waking setpoint - below 70 degrees during winter months and above 78 degrees during summer months
  • Day setting changes at 8 a.m. - set temperature back 8 degrees for heating or up 7 degrees for cooling
  • Evening setting changes at 6 p.m. - return settings to waking levels
  • Sleep setting changes at 10 p.m. - set temperature back 8 degrees for heating or up 4 degrees for cooling

Manage Settings with a Programmable Thermostat

While programmable units aren't new, those who have non-programmable units may think there's no need to replace a working piece of equipment. Unfortunately, that non-programmable unit could cost you a lot of money or create a lot of stress as you endeavor to implement regular setting changes. It's easy to forget to make a change before you leave for work or errands in the morning, and it's also easy to make imprecise changes with a non-programmable unit. A programmable thermostat allows these changes to be made automatically and precisely so that you don't lose out on the savings experienced with strategic setting adjustments.

Going High-Tech with Wireless Thermostats

One of the more recent upgrade options with home thermostats is units that can integrate with a home's wireless network to provide real-time information. You can access such units from another room or from the office via a tablet, smartphone or computer. Adjustments can be made remotely, giving you more control over the energy used throughout the day. Additionally, reports can be generated to summarize when and how energy is being used by your heating and cooling equipment.

Comfort Experts and Solutions

A Comfort24-7 Provider can demonstrate different models based on your home's comfort equipment and your unique needs. Our experts are also available for home performance evaluations and preventive air conditioning services as our customers consider different ways to save. Contact us to find a specialist serving your community.

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