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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Air conditioners work overtime during the sweltering heat of a Chicagoland summer, and that leaves homeowners all over the region searching for ways to lower their monthly air conditioning costs.

There's one simple money-saving trick, however, that even the most informed consumer can easily overlook. While raising the setting on your air conditioner's thermostat may seem like an obvious solution for higher cooling bills, many homeowners avoid this strategy over concern that they'll be uncomfortably warm at home. The following tips can let you reap the savings that higher temperature settings offer while remaining cool and comfortable all summer long.

Summer Thermostat Settings

Most homeowners set their thermostats between 72 and 78 degrees during the summer without realizing how much money they could save by dialing up the setting just a few degrees. For every degree that you raise the setting over 78 degrees, you can shave five to eight percent off your cooling costs. The trick is to keep the setting higher for at least an eight-hour period.

Myth-Busting Research

It's a common misconception that your air conditioner will use more energy to cool your home than the energy saved by elevating the temperature while you're away. Research has proven that the opposite is true. A study conducted by the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology found that raising the setting from 72 degrees to 77 degrees during work hours and at night saved more than 11 percent on cooling costs compared to a home set to 72 degrees 24 hours a day.

Lowering AC bills during the summer doesn't mean you have to suffer through the heat. Whether you're on the hunt for tips to conserve energy at home or for a new AC installation equipped with a programmable control system, a Comfort24-7 contractor can provide you with the products, services and information you need to enjoy money-saving solutions. Just enter your ZIP code into the search tool at the top of this page to find a contractor near you!

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