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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One of the fastest, easiest and most important ways you can save money on your cooling bill is to stay on top of air filter changes. There are a host of reasons for this, including:

Obstructing Airflow

Air filters are among the most common reasons for both heating and cooling problems. As a filter collects dirt, it can become so clogged that it restricts the flow of air into an air handler or furnace. A variety of issues can result, most of them preventable by more consistent filter replacement. If you are forgetful, take time to note the need for a filter check or replacement on your calendar.

Another obstruction issue can occur as a filter's performance declines. A filter that is laden with excessive levels of dirt can buckle in places, allowing particles to move freely into the air handler. These materials can affect blower parts and evaporator coils, leading to additional airflow obstructions. Change your filters before they get to the point of collapsing or buckling.

Energy Exchange Inhibition

When an air filter fails and allows heavy levels of dirt into the air handler, the resulting grime on your evaporator coils can also lead to poor cooling activity. This layer prevents the energy exchange process between your air supply and your refrigerant from happening as efficiently. The result may be the delivery of cool air rather than cold air. This can also allow ice to develop on your coils, causing your air conditioner to freeze. A monthly filter check can help you to limit the potential for such problems.

Protect Your Compressor

While airflow obstructions and poor heat exchange may inconvenience you through low comfort levels and higher bills, you need to be especially concerned about the impact this can have on the life of your system. These inefficiency issues ultimately stress the compressor of your home comfort system, a major reason for elevated energy bills. Because this is the most expensive part of the system, its decline can place you at greater risk of an early system failure. While high energy bills may seem inconvenient, an unexpected air conditioner replacement can be a huge financial burden. Regular filter checks and occasional changes are far more affordable and convenient, reducing energy costs and extending the life of your equipment.

Don't Forget Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you've neglected your air filters in the past, now is a good time to make a change. Start by having your system inspected and cleaned by a Comfort24-7 Provider so that the layers of dirt and grime in your air handler can be removed and so that your compressor and other components can be fine-tuned. We can help you to find a contractor serving your neighborhood today.

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