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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Springtime allergies are not something anyone looks forward to when the weather warms up. Pollen and other springtime allergens can make life miserable for people who are sensitive. Keeping allergies at bay requires diligence and a bit of knowledge. You can use a two-pronged approach for keeping those allergies away.

Reduce Exposure Outside

  • When possible, stay inside the house with windows and doors closed. Being outside maximizes your exposure to pollen.
  • If you do go outside, take off your clothes as soon as you step inside to keep the pollen transfer to a minimum. Consider showering also to remove any allergens in your hair and on your skin.
  • Don't hang clothing outside. Pollen will cling to the fibers and trigger an allergic reaction you when you wear those clothes.
  • Get someone else to do the outside chores like mowing, trimming and weeding. If you cannot get someone else to do it, wear a dust mask to keep the pollen out of your airways. Do not go out in the early morning when pollen counts in the air are at their highest.

Keep Indoor Air Clean

  • Turn the air conditioner on instead of opening the windows. Use high-efficiency air filters to collect pollen and other allergens from the air. If your home's humidity levels are too high, use a dehumidifier to lower those levels.
  • Clean the floors with an HEPA filtered vacuum. This helps to remove allergens in the home and prevents reintroduction into your indoor air.
  • Use a portable air cleaner with a HEPA filter in the bedroom. This helps keep this room as clear of allergens as possible while you are sleeping.
  • Consider installing a whole house air filtration system. These systems draw the conditioned air through a high-efficiency air filter to remove allergens and pollutants.

If you want more information on improving indoor air quality and surviving springtime allergies, contact us here at Comfort24-7. We have dealers all over Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Southwest Michigan.

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