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Monday, March 03, 2014

If you're experiencing boiler troubles, such as an absence of heat or strange noises coming from the system, use this troubleshooting checklist to deal with the situation. You may catch a problem before it gets out of hand and out of budget.

Boiler Problem: No Heat

Power supply is the first thing to check when there's no heat coming from the boiler. Make sure the boiler's thermostat is set to heat and several degrees above room temperature (especially if you have an old manual thermostat). Next, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if it has tripped or blown a fuse. If positive power is confirmed, check the following:

  • If the motor is hot, there could be a mechanical issue with a locked-up pump or motor. Call your trusted HVAC contractor.
  • If the motor is cool, there could be an electrical problem with the thermostat connection (have you recently installed a new thermostat?), or there may be an issue with the circulator relay.

Boiler Issues: Temperature and Pressure

If the power supply is fine and the circulator is running, check the temperature and pressure gauges. If temperature and pressure are normal, there may be air in the system. If you have an older manual air eliminator, it should be replaced with an automatic float-type eliminator. If temperature and pressure are low, check to make sure the inducer fan is running and/or that the vent damper is open.

Boiler Trouble: Noises

  • Strange boiler noises can signal mechanical issues or a lack of preventive maintenance and cleaning.
  • Vibrations may be caused by worn bearings, a failing fuel unit or a faulty transformer.
  • Banging noises likely indicate lime-scale accumulation. Schedule maintenance service and system cleaning, and you’ll enjoy better heating efficiency as well as eliminate that annoying banging noise.
  • Rumbling noises may indicate an oil leak to the combustion chamber. This increases the risk of puff-back. Call your HVAC contractor.

If you still have unresolved boiler troubles that need immediate attention, please contact us at for prompt and professional service. We serve homeowners in greater Chicago, NW Indiana and SW Michigan.

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