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Monday, February 10, 2014

When looking at ways to save on your energy bill and reduce electricity use, it helps to know about some common electricity myths and how they might be costing you money.

Myth: When an appliance is turned off, there's no electricity being used.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, when many appliances and electronics are turned off, they continue using energy. Computers, microwaves, clocks, video game systems, DVD players and other devices do not fully shut down when you punch the power button or tell it to shut down. Many devices will go into a "standby" mode, still pulling in energy. So if you are not going to be using the computer for a day or two, turn it off.

Myth: Leaving lights, fans and certain appliances on makes them last longer and use less energy than turning them on and off throughout the day.

Fact: In most situations, leaving an appliance on all day long when it's not being used will use more energy than it takes to turn it on. Yes, there is a small surge of electricity when a light or appliance is first turned on. However, that electricity use is nothing compared to leaving it on all day long in your Chicago area home.

Myth: Insulating areas like the ceiling causes heat to be lost through other areas of the home.

Fact: Adding insulation helps keep homes warm in winter and cooler in the summer, and the more the better, regardless of where you put it. Installing insulation in the attic area won't force heat out of other areas of the home. However, it is true that poorly insulated areas of the home will lose heat faster so it's always a good idea to insulate all areas of the home as much as possible to help reduce electric and other utility bills.

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