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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Having trouble with your heat pump in the middle of a Chicagoland winter can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, there are a few things you can attempt to get your heat pump back working before you place a service repair call.

  • If your heat pump freezes up, simply turn it off. While you're waiting for the ice to melt, make sure the filter is clean and no vents are blocked. Poor airflow is the primary cause of heat pumps freezing up.
  • If your heat pump won't turn on, start with the basics. Make sure the thermostat is set to the proper temperature and isn't flipped to cooling mode. Also make sure it has power – check that circuit breaker hasn't tripped and make sure any wires are plugged in.
  • Another important heat pump troubleshooting step is checking the condensate drain. Often, heat pumps are designed to turn off if the water created by condensation isn't draining away. If the water flow is partially or fully blocked, your heat pump may be cycling off faster than expected to give the water time to drain.
  • If your heat pump is making noises, shut it off immediately. Check for obvious sources such as a loose cover or vent or an object placed next to the heat pump or a vent. If you can't rule out mechanical problems as the cause, don't run your heat pump again until an HVAC professional looks at it to avoid further damage.
  • Always check the filter. All air drawn into your heat pump passes through the filter, and many heat pump issues are caused by restricted air flow. If your heat pump isn't heating properly, isn't blowing as much air as you expect, or has any other problem, make sure the filter has been replaced.

If these heat pump troubleshooting steps didn't work, please contact our experts at to get your heat pump working again.

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