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Friday, December 13, 2013

If you have baseboard heating, radiators or a radiant floor system, you enjoy natural home heat without a forced-air furnace. The purpose of a boiler is to heat water for these applications. If your boiler is nearing the end of its life, consider the significant benefits condensing boilers provide Chicago area homeowners.

  • Technologically advanced: The major difference between condensing and standard boilers is that condensing versions have an extra large or dual heat exchanger to extract more heat from the fuel source. The additional heat extraction creates condensation, hence the name. This advanced technology allows more of the fuel source to go toward heating your home instead of being lost up the flue with combustion fumes.
  • Energy efficient: If you’re aiming to achieve a more energy-efficient home, investing in a condensing boiler is one way to attain your goal. After all, a new condensing boiler could up 15 to 30 percent more efficient than your aging boiler. They're even more efficient than modern non-condensing boilers.
  • Easy on your energy bills: The most common reason to explore condensing boilers is the chance to save on energy bills. Even though the initial purchase is more costly, the energy savings you enjoy during Chicago’s bitter winters is well worth it. The equipment is bound to pay for itself more than once during its 15-year life span.
  • A green solution: By performing more efficiently, condensing boilers emit less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than their non-condensing counterparts. By making the switch, you could prevent 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.
  • Designed to save space: Big, bulky boilers are a thing of the past. A combination of modern design techniques and new materials allow condensing boilers to come in more compact sizes. This makes it easier to tuck the boiler out of sight so you can enjoy a comfortable home without messing up the aesthetics.

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