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Friday, October 18, 2013

Duct cleaning can be an important step in increasing your HVAC system's efficiency and improving indoor air quality. However, unlike some maintenance tasks - like changing filters or scheduling an annual tune-up schedule - ducts don't need to be cleaned on a frequent basis.

During a routine duct cleaning service call, an HVAC technician will clean various components of your forced air system, including:

  • Registers, grilles and diffusers
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Fan motors and housing
  • Condensate drain pans
  • Air handling unit housing
  • Supply and return air ducts

Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, and any leaks in the ducts or vents have been sealed, you system should not require another cleaning for some time.

When to Schedule Duct Cleaning

Here are signs that duct cleaning may be in order for your Chicago area home.

You recently moved into a new home

New construction creates a tremendous amount of airborne particulate matter that can settle throughout your HVAC system. If you move into an older home, you have no way of knowing whether or not the HVAC system has been well-maintained unless the previous owner pass on their records. Once you are all moved in, contact a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect your system.

Your new remodeling project is complete

Anytime construction work has been completed in a home, it is a good idea to inspect the ducts and change the filters. This will prevent dust, sawdust, textile lint, and other particulates from recirculating through your home.

Evidence of mold or mildew

The spores created by mold and mildew can cause serious respiratory problems. If you are aware of mold in your home, or have seen evidence of mold or mildew on HVAC equipment, resolve the mold issues and then have your ducts professionally cleaned.

Pest infestations

If rodents or other household pests can gain access to the ducts, it is a perfect environment for building nests; it is temperature controlled and predator-free. Once you have gotten a handle on the pest problem, inspect ductwork for evidence of droppings, fur, nesting materials or carcasses.

If you suspect your Chicago home is due for duct cleaning, contact the HVAC experts at Comfort24-7 and we'll come take a look.

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