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Monday, September 02, 2013

You've been using a manual thermostat all these years, and now you realize it's time to get with the program. By that, you mean a programmable thermostat. You're familiar with the kind of energy savings they offer, and you're convinced that a manual thermostat just can't do the job anymore. Now that you're actively looking at programmable thermostats, consider how Carrier's various models provide optimal home comfort and energy savings. 

Nonprogrammable Thermostat vs. Programmable Thermostat

How does a programmable thermostat save energy? It allows you to program your temperature settings by following your daily schedule, and then forget all about it. If you've had a manual thermostat all these years, you know that you've sometimes forgotten to turn the temperature down when you've gone off to work on those cold winter mornings. And then, if you did remember, you came home to a chilly house. With a programmable thermostat, the job's done for you. It automatically lowers the temperature when you leave in the morning and raises it shortly before you come back. So you return to a warm home. You use less energy and save more money.Carrier Thermostats

Carrier's extensive line of programmable thermostats do so much more than allow you to program one daily setting. For example:

  • The Carrier Edge thermostat allows you to customize setting for all seven days of the week and provides for four daily time periods. It has a vacation setting and can remind you to replace your air filter, UV lamp and humidifier pad.  
  • The Carrier ComfortZone allows you to control the temperature and humidity in as many as eight zones. 
  • The Infinity Control thermostat monitors your air-quality equipment and controls fan speed and ventilation. Some models can be be accessed remotely via a laptop or smart phone.  

Of course, if you want a simpler programmable thermostat, you can opt for the Comfort Programmable Thermostat. It allows you to have one program for the work week and another for the weekend. If you have a home with just two or three zones, you can choose the Comfort three-zone thermostat. 

As you can see, you have many models to choose from. For more information and answers to your questions, contact Comfort24-7. We can help you find the thermostat that's ideal for your home. We serve residents of the Chicago area, northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.

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