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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Are you aware of what is present in your air? The air inside your home can contain toxins which can affect your health over time, from small issues such as headaches to very serious health conditions, including asthma, allergies and cancer. However, there can be a very simple, natural way to keep your air fresh and healthy and combat the indoor pollutants. Houseplants can help to keep your air quality high, but there are certain plants that do a particularly good job of this task.

  • If you're looking for the best air purifying plants, a good place to start would be with spider plants. These plants are easy to grow, nice to look at and highly effective at scrubbing the air. Ideally, they should be kept close to the kitchen or other areas that would produce carbon monoxide.
  • A Boston fern plant can help keep toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde out of your air, while naturally helping to keep air humid.
  • English Ivy also acts as a great natural filter for dangerous chemicals in the air and is a great choice to help with asthma or allergies. It grows easily, though its leaves are poisonous, so it might not be the best choice for pet owners or people with small children.
  • Aloe vera plants can also be grown indoors to help the air quality. This plant comes with the bonus of having succulent leaves that, when split open, contain gel-like tissue that has great burn healing properties.

Air Quality Products

Keeping your home's air clean can be helped by these best air purifying plants. However, if you are especially concerned about toxins in your air or are experiencing symptoms of headaches, asthma attacks or other health issues, it is important to have your air quality checked by a professional for possible sources of pollution and solutions. Comfort24-7 contractors are experienced in indoor air quality and carry top-of-the-line air cleaners and air purifiers from Carrier and Bryant. 

For more help and answers to questions about keeping your indoor air quality high, contact us at today and we'll help you keep your Chicago area, Northwest Indiana or Southwest Michigan home comfortable and safe.

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