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Monday, August 26, 2013

If you're like most people in the Chicagoland area, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable during the summer. However, what if the almost-unthinkable should happen and your A/C suddenly stops working? It might be time to replace an A/C capacitor.

Several problems can cause your A/C to stop functioning, some of which you can check yourself and some will require experienced technical service. Before you call for service, check these items:

  • Check that the unit is properly plugged in. People or pets can accidentally dislodge the plug.
  • Check the fuse or breaker. Allow the unit to cool down for at least 10 minutes before resetting the breakers.
  • Check the high-pressure limit switch. Find and push the reset button, usually located in the access panel.
  • Check the setting on the thermostatBrushing against the thermostat can accidentally change the setting.

If the steps listed above don't solve the problem, do not attempt to repair your A/C system on your own. Do-it-yourself repairs could cause further damage to your system and void all warranties. Moreover, there could be potential risk to your personal safety.

Professional Air Conditioner Capacitor Repair

For other than these basic repairs, you'll require the service of a knowledgeable technician. The HVAC professional might find that your A/C issue something substantial such as a refrigerant leak, a compressor failure, corroded wires or a broken fan. Or it might be something slightly less drastic—a tech might simply need to replace an A/C capacitor.

An A/C capacitor stores power to be used when the unit starts, providing a kick-start to the fan motor. Without the capacitor, the blades don't have enough power to start spinning on their own.

The service technician will check the capacitor both visually and with a voltmeter. A capacitor has multiple prongs on the top, and if the area around the prongs is domed or raised, the capacitor very likely needs replaced.

This process sound relatively simple, but there's a high potential for damage to your A/C system and to yourself. The professionals at Comfort24-7 are ready to replace an A/C capacitor for you, as well as address any other A/C problems. We service the Chicago area, as well as northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.

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