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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Besides providing conditioned air for your comfort year-round, you can enhance your HVAC system with options like air cleaners, energy-saving ventilating devices and highly functional thermostats. In recent years, HVAC engineers have begun to address some of the problems associated with airtight homes and buildings, along with rising energy costs.

Carrier and Bryant Home Comfort Products

Bryant and Carrier are two leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment and related products. They offer three products in particular that improve indoor air quality and cut energy costs.

  1. Two products address indoor air quality issues. The first is a whole-house filtration system that attaches to the HVAC system and provides high efficiency filtration that traps the smallest airborne particles found in homes. These filtration systems offer better energy efficiency and effectiveness than using portable air cleaners. Households whose members have allergies or asthma benefit from whole-house systems for relief from high pollen, dust, mold spore and dust mite populations. 
  2. If airborne particulates aren't an issue but volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other gases like radon are degrading indoor air quality, energy-efficient ventilation is possible with energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) or heat recovery ventilators (HRVs). These devices employ technology that exchanges the energy of your conditioned air being exhausted with fresh incoming air to dilute existing indoor air. These systems offer sound solutions for stale, stuffy or polluted indoor air.
  3. A programmable thermostat will enhance your HVAC system by remembering to change the temperature when you expect to be away from home for hours at a time. Smart thermostats are available that let you manage your home's indoor temperature from a remote location via the Internet or a smartphone.

Advances in programmable thermostats make them much easier to program. Some use sensors that "learn" your family's habits automatically, which solves the programming difficulty some homeowners experienced with earlier versions of programmable thermostats. 

To learn more to enhance your HVAC system, contact Comfort24-7. We provide top-notch HVAC services for the Chicago metro area, southwestern Michigan and northwestern Indiana homeowners and can help you improve indoor air quality and save energy at home. 

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