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Saturday, July 20, 2013

There are a variety of air conditioner issues that can derail your summer comfort. Leaky coils, broken fans and dirty air filters can all cause your system to break down when you least expect it. Here are some things you should check for and fix before they lead to more serious repairs.

Refrigerant leaks – Be on the lookout for refrigerant leaks in your cooling system. Some of the symptoms include hissing noises and reduced performance and efficiency. A lack of refrigerant eventually will lead to breakdowns. The homeowners should not try to add refrigerant, however. Contact your trusted HVAC technician if you think you have a leak. Checking the refrigerant will be an important part of annual maintenance, as well.

Electrical failure – Compressor electrical components and fan controls wear out over time. Additionally, corrosion on wires, fans and terminals can set in. When the electrical system stops functioning properly, it can cause your air conditioner to fail suddenly.

Sensor problems – Room air conditioners are equipped with thermostat sensors that can easily be bumped and shifted. If the sensor is moved out of proper alignment, it can cause your system to behave erratically. 

Drainage problems – If your condensate drain becomes blocked, it will cause water to pool at the bottom of your air conditioning unit. This is one of the most common air conditioner issues. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent by simply making sure your condensate drain is not blocked.

As with anything mechanical system, proper maintenance and upkeep will prevent most air conditioner issues from occurring. To that end, it's a good idea to sign up for an annual maintenance agreement with your trusted HVAC contractor. When you do this, a technician will perform a variety of tests and checks to ensure your system is operating properly. This will ensure that your air conditioner components are clean, your A/C has the precise amount of refrigerant, that air flow has been tested and adjusted, and that electrical systems are in good shape. 

At, we take the comfort and care of our clients in the Chicago area, northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan quite seriously. We would be happy to help you keep your air conditioning system in top condition.

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