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Comfort24-7 Total Protection Plans

Any make. Any model. Any brand. Any age. We've got you covered.

If you like drama-free comfort, you'll love a Total Protection Plan!

We all expect heat when the thermostat is dialed up, and cool when it's dialed down. That's just Home Comfort 101. And most folks know that maintaining what's on the other end of that thermostat - just like a car engine - helps keep everything running as it should. Unfortunately, even the best-kept machinery wears out. Plus, if you've inherited the equipment in your home, who knows how the system was used (or abused) before you owned it. Odds are, you'll have to deal with a breakdown at some point.

So if the thought of dealing with emergency fixes - which typically happen on an extreme weather day - makes you uncomfortable, our Total Protection Plan is for you.

Equipment less than 5 years old? You're covered!

No, new equipment SHOULDN'T fail. But we all know about something breaking down just after the manufacturer's warranty expired. Don't leave your comfort to chance.

  • New or pre-existing equipment
  • ANY make, model or brand
  • Plans cover parts & labor
  • 3, 5, 7 and 10-year plans available
  • Buy-Out Option – apply the cost of repairs toward a new unit
  • NO deductible
  • Fully transferrable
  • Full coverage up to cost of equipment on new installations
  • Up to $3,000/yr coverage on existing equipment less than 10 yrs old
  • Convenient payment plans

Nobody budgets for a breakdown. A Total Protection Plan means you don't have to.

  • No age limit on equipment
  • Covers any brand of heating or cooling equipment
  • Covers new or existing units or systems
  • Covers parts and labor
  • Low-to-no deductible plans
  • Some plans fully transferrable
  • Convenient payment options
  • Option to apply repair costs to new equipment

Features vary by plan, but there's one that's perfect for your needs and budget. Ask about all of the features and benefits available and choose the best plan for you.

Call us for more information or to get started today!

Because there's no such thing as too comfy.

Average Furnace Repair Costs

So just how uncomfortable are unexpected or unplanned repairs? Take a look.

  • A. Replace Inducer Fan Motor - $700.00
  • B. Replace Heat Exchanger - $1,500.00
  • C. Replace Gas Valve - $550.00
  • D. Replace Ignition Module - $600.00
  • E. Replace Circuit Board - $650.00
  • F. Replace Blower Motor - $700.00


Average A/C Repair Costs

Paying for an A/C breakdown on the sweatiest day of the year? Not comfy!

  • A. Replace Condenser Fan Motor - $750.00
  • B. Replace Condenser Coil - (1.5 to 5 ton labor only) - $1,500.00
  • C. Replace Compressor - (1.5 to 5 ton labor only) - $1,550.00
  • D. Replace Contactor - $315.00